DATAR is an institute for children with special needs. DATAR believes that the real purpose of education is to attain independence in performing various functional skills to become participatory members of the society. DATAR Institute is way to independence Physically, Socially and Financially.

DATAR has been developed away from the city in a population free green groove near Panvel. Spread over an area of 100,000 sq. feet, provides freedom of physical movement in a safe and secure campus with all facilities like education, outdoor sports, personality development. DATAR ensures that every child should be given safe, clean and stimulating environment within which child can grow to become healthy, intelligent and independent human being.

With the support of dedicated multi-disciplinary team of Doctors , Psychologists, Therapists, Support Staff , Friends and Parents, DATAR looks ahead to make students healthy ,disciplined and independent in their life.


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